Flame On

Peri Peri Grill

Chef's Specials


Quarter Chicken (Leg & Thigh)

Flame Grilled Chicken with your choice of Peri Sauce


Chicken Wings

Never Frozen & Cooked To Order Hand Breaded Fried Buffalo Wings Handspun in Choice of Your Favorite PERI OR WING Sauce


Falafel Rice Bowl

Falafels with your Choice of Peri Sauce on a Bed of Peri Rice Creamy Hummus. Peri Hot & White Garlic Sauce On Side


Gyro Wrap

Thinly Sliced Gyro Strips In A Plain Or Spinach Tortilla With Onion Tomatoes & Gyro Sauce


Gyro Dinner Platter

Thinly Sliced Gyro Strips with Everything on Side Extra Meat, Two toasted Pitas, Fresh Salad, White Garlic Sauce & Gyro Sauce
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